Writing at Broadwood

Since October 2022 we have implemented Jane Considine's Write Stuff approach to writing. The aim is to engage children further in the writing process and build confidence through scaffolded writing support. Children create sentence by collecting vocabulary and phrases though high quality teaching support. Writing lessons are a balance of structured support and opportunities for independent writing that builds on previously taught skills.
Writing in all year groups is planned over the year ensuring National Curriculum coverage. Terms and text suggestions are linked to the wider curriculum plans, allowing opportunities for cross curriculum development of skills and knowledge, in a progressive manner.
Writing is assessed formally each term through independent writing tasks, and through ongoing assessment using Ros Wilson's Standards for Writing Assessment. Children have child friendly target cards, containing these descriptors, in the front of their books. Children are made familiar with these and teachers tick against the standards, when reviewing or marking examples of independent writing.
We have a policy of live marking which enables teachers to address misconceptions during lessons, highlight these errors for children to correct under supervision and edit and improve their writing under guidance.

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