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Every year, at this time, we prepare for our harvest assembly by gathering food in to donate to the People’s Kitchen in Newcastle.

The People’s Kitchen is a charity that feeds our homeless on the streets of Newcastle and we are asking you to consider sending into to school, with your child, a tin or a packet of food that we can add to our donation. 

We would like donations by Friday 14th October ready for collection on Monday 17th October.

Below is a list of food that The People’s Kitchen have told us they need:

Cooking sauces                   Tinned tomatoes                       Gravy granules

Dried herbs and spices         Tinned Vegetables                   Tinned meat

Tinned tuna and salmon      Tinned soups                             Packet soups

Ketchup                                 Breakfast cereals                     Custard

Rice pudding                       Tinned fruit                                 Jams

Evaporated milk                    Biscuits                                     Sweets


Also: sleeping bags

Thank you, once again, for your continued support,

Mrs Bourne

Beginning of the day routines

In response to the needs of the younger children in our school there will be a change to the opening of doors that children enter school by in the mornings. KS1 children (in years 1/2) will come into school by the usual ‘first door’ from the KS2 yard. All KS2 children (years 3,4,5 and 6) will come in to school using the middle red doors. There will always be staff on the yard (and at the doors) if you need to give a message to the class teacher. All class teachers are available at the end of the day if there are any issues you would like to discuss. Thank you to parents for the feedback about our school systems.




As you know, all of the children in the school (and the staff) belong to a tree house and, as a tree house team, work

together to achieve the best attendance.

Well done to Willows for their fantastic attendance last year—

but which tree house will have the best attendance this year?

...and our tree houses are not just for attendance!

Last school year children earned points for their house in Sports Day in the summer and all through the year earned house points for being good role models in school, for following school rules and lots more. Which tree house is your child in? If you are not sure, ask your class teacher.


Heating Works

Our school has been lucky enough to have been given the funding to improve our central heating system. (You may have noticed the cordoned off area in the KS1 yard). We currently have an experienced team of engineers working in school to replace our current system—we are hoping it will all be up and running in the Spring term 2017.


This year, Year 5 and Year 6 children will be going swimming. As we have three classes and only two swimming slots at the swimming pools, it will be rotated on a termly basis. Swimming for Term 1 will begin next Friday 16th September. Children will need to bring a towel, swimming shorts or swimsuit (goggles if they wish.) The swimming will be as follows:

Term 1 (up until Christmas) Eagles and Bears

Term 2 (up until Easter) Wolves and Bears

Term 3 (up until the Summer Holidays) Wolves and Eagles.

The children will be taken to the swimming baths at 1:00pm on a coach and they will be brought back to school for the beginning of assembly. 

Children will be dismissed as normal at the end of the school day at 3.10pm.

This year Miss Horan will be running “Code Club” after school on a Thursday between 3.15 and 4.15. The children will be developing their computer programming skills in a variety of fun and exciting ways. We will be using Scratch, Python and HMTL in our programming over the year. Computing now plays a big part in the Primary curriculum, so this club will also help children with their learning in school.

This club is limited to 10 members and children MUST have a genuine interest in computer programming and be committed to coming to the club each week. It will be starting on the 15th of September.

If you would like your child to attend Code Club, please complete the form attached to your child's letter and return it to your child’s teacher.

Allotment Show

Mrs Sinclair has arranged an opportunity for Pop-Shop and Beatbox Choir to perform at the Allotment Show on Sunday 25th September.

It is an exciting family event and Newcastle City Council would like us to perform our ECO WARRIOR song to open the Sunday event with the Lord Mayor of Newcastle.  

Children will need to be at Leazes Park Band Stand for 10:45am. They would perform once at 11:30 and there is a likely chance that The Chronicle and BBC news will attend.

There will be more information to follow, but first I want to make sure most of the two groups would be able to attend and get to Leazes Park independently.

 Please could you circle the appropriate answer on the letter slip sent home with your child the letter can also be found in Parents Page/Letters on the school website

For Year 6 Parents and Carers 

Our school is using Lexia Reading Core5™, a web-based reading program that provides the targeted practice and instruction students need to improve their reading and spelling skills.

As an added benefit, students can use Core5 at home. Getting started is easy!

  1. Launch a web browser and go to

  • Create a bookmark or favorite for this web address.

  • You will see a link to download Adobe Flash Player if you do not have it. Flash Player 11 or higher is required.

  • If you have a slow Internet connection or if you cannot install Flash Player, you can install the Core5 software on your computer instead of using the website. Go to and click Downloads at the top of the page.

  • iPad and iPad Mini users can download the Core5 app from the App store. Search for “Lexia Reading Core5.”

  • Android tablet users can download the Core5 app from the Google Play store. Search for “Lexia Reading Core5.” Note that the app is not available for Kindle.

  1. The first time you access Core5, you must set up:

  • Type in your teacher’s email (below) and click the arrow button to continue.

    Teacher Email (for initial setup):

  1. Allow or help your child to login. The student username and password (below) is the same login they use at school.

    Student Username: initial letter of first name then surname/family name with no spaces or capital letters. For example mine would be jbowden (the children already know these, as they have been using the program in school).

    Student Password:   read                (no capital letter)

  2. Important! Please allow your child to work independently at his or her own pace. Provide encouragement, but don’t give away the answers!

  3. Please try to ensure an average of 20-30 minutes per session. We recommend that usage be kept to a reasonable level – not too short and not too long. Pre-K students may need shorter, more frequent usage (10-15 minutes daily).

Need more help getting started? Go to and click Support or pop in and have a chat with me after school.