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Mrs Wendy Mitcheson


Hello! I am delighted to join this wonderful and unique school as Headteacher. I know this is a fantastic school community and I feel privileged and excited to lead Broadwood Primary School in the next stage of its journey.
My passion for education is unwavering and I will be relentless in my drive in ensuring all children are effective learners, have self-confidence and feel there are no-limits to their achievements.
Being a mum to 3 school aged children is an absolute joy and my hopes and ambitions for their experience of school life will certainly set the bar for what I aim to achieve at this school.
I am looking forward to getting to know the school community, so please pop over and say hello when I am out on the yard, before and after school most days.
Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if there is anything you would like to discuss.
Kind Regards
Mrs Wendy Mitcheson

Mrs Susan Brooks-Tyreman

Deputy Headteacher

Hi, I am Susan Brooks-Tyreman. I have been Deputy Head Teacher for the past five years and it is a role which I thoroughly enjoy. It will be a real privilege work alongside our new Headteacher and to be part of this wonderful school, and the very special children who attend it is a real pleasure. There have been so many moments when I have had such a sense of pride in everything we have done.
Early Years education is a passion of mine, and it is a pleasure and privilege to see how the youngest children in our school grow and progress in their learning. I have been the Early Years Lead for a number of years and it is also a role that I love. It is not only our youngest children however that it is a delight to see developing in their learning.
In my home life I love to travel with my family, find out about other cultures and learn other languages. I have visited many countries including countries in Europe, North America and Canada, Oman and Kuwait in the middle east and South Africa. I also had the privilege of travelling to China, on behalf of Broadwood a number of years ago, making links with a school in Wuhan. It is hoped that these links can be rekindled in the near future. I do have a love of languages, have been the coordinator of Modern Foreign Languages in the past and am currently teaching Spanish to a Year 6 class.
I am also the lead for the children with English as an Additional Language. Working with a team of people, we strive hard to ensure that those children new to our school (and indeed to our country) are made to feel welcome and at home and begin their learning journey in our school. Diversity in our school is a real asset.
I have a love of singing. I may not be the best singer however being part of our school drama club and choir is something I really enjoy. We had an amazing time with the choir over the Christmas period, singing in the local area and at a local home for the elderly. I am really looking forward to our current drama extravaganza which will be shown in July.
Once again, it is a real privilege to be Deputy Head of this wonderful school. If you have any issues you wish to discuss with me, my door is always open to you.

Mrs Diane Wilkinson-Best

Nursery Teacher

Mrs Tracey Blythe

Reception Teacher

Mrs Gail Stewart

Reception Teacher

Mrs Melanie Whitehead

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Stephanie Fryer

Year 2 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Hope

Year 2 Teacher

Mr Paul Forster

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Rebecca Morgan

Year 3 Teacher

Mr Malcolm Carr

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Alison McAree

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Janet Smith

Year 5 Teacher

Mr Ian McDonald

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Alison Bourne

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Rachel Dangerfield

Float Teacher /SENCO

Mrs Kath Fleming

Float Teacher

Mrs Jeanette Bowden


Mrs Kelly Hind

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Christine Smith

Nursery Nurse

Mrs Jill Hedley

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Shabana Rayaz

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Diane Wiggett

Learning Support Assistant

Miss Donna Webster

Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Marie Pick

Senior Learning Support Assistant

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