School Day

OUT OF SCHOOL CLUB - we provide an Out of School Club for parents/carers who work. As well as Broadwood children we also care for children from 1 other local primary school. If you would like your child to attend our Out of School Club, please come into school and speak to Mrs Jill Hedley, the manager.

BREAKFAST CLUB -  We provide a FREE Breakfast Club for all children in our school. Children in Nursery need to be supervised by an adult if they wish to attend.

Gates open. KS1 and KS2 should begin to meet in the KS2 yard ready for the school day. Nursery and Reception parents/carers should bring their children through the KS2 yard and around the left hand side of the KS2 building. They should then follow the path to the Nursery and Reception Class entrances, where they will be met by staff.

8:45am KS1 and KS2 class teachers on the yard to greet children and available to speak to parents.

8:50am Class teachers take children to class.

8:55am The school day begins. Year 6 monitors will ring the bell.

8:55am - 10.30am
Registration, followed by Literacy/Maths in Year 1 to Year 6, Nursery and Reception follow the early years curriculum.

10:30am - 10:45am Breaktime KS1 and KS2

10:45am - 12:00pm
Literacy/Maths in Year 1 to Year 6, Nursery and Reception follow the early years curriculum

12:00pm Lunchtime begins.

12:45pm End of lunchtime for KS1 and KS2.

1:00pm End of lunchtime for reception and nursery.

12:45pm - 1:00pm Reading for Enjoyment

1:00pm Afternoon sessions begin

3:05pm Nursery children can be collected from the Nursery entrances (Friday 2:30pm).

3:10pm Reception should be collected from the reception classroom and KS1 children should be collected from the doors at the bottom of the KS1 yard (Friday 2:30pm).

3:15pm KS2 children should be collected from the doors in the KS2 yard (Friday 2:30pm).

On Monday and Friday we have a whole school assembly. Monday is a themed assembly led by the Headteacher, Wednesday is a cheer assembly which includes merits and attendance awards.  Friday is a family or teacher led assembly.

After school each night we run a range of After School Clubs. Please see class teachers for more details.

Out of School Club closes.

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