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Broadwood Primary School is a wonderfully unique school. Our welcoming, caring and positive ethos is commented on by children, staff, parents/carers and visitors.  We aim to provide every child in our care with a unique educational experience, developing their skills, knowledge, understanding and talents, whilst instilling within our children the core values of respect, acceptance, happiness and a lifelong love of learning.

It is our aim to provide every child in our care with a UNIQUE educational experience. We:-

VALUE every child in our care and their achievements and success and place an emphasis on manners and respect, ensuring our children are taught to value others, as well as themselves.

CELEBRATE achievement and success, providing many opportunities to recognise the achievements of individuals and our whole school community.

EQUIP our children with the skills, knowledge and understanding to take them through life and to allow them to achieve highly and become successful citizens with a lifelong love of learning.

EMPOWER our children by encouraging them to believe in themselves and to believe that with hard work and a positive attitude, they can achieve great success.  We aim for our children to leave primary school having made accelerated progress and working at above national average standards.

INSPIRE our children to have high aspirations and encourage them to be role models and to inspire each other.  We have a wonderful team of staff and belong to a fantastic wider community who inspire our children in so many ways.

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