Safeguarding and Health and Safety


SAFEGUARDING Broadwood Primary School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all pupils, staff and the wider school community. Everyone working in, or for our school shares an objectives to help keep children and young people safe. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for children and young people to learn and develop in our school setting. We also identify children who are suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm, taking appropriate action, with the aim of making sure they are kept safe both at home and in school. At Broadwood we continually promote experiences which teach the children how to keep themselves safe in a range of situations. Our P.S.H.C.E. curriculum promotes opportunities to develop the childrens' skills, knowledge and understanding of deailing with different situations both inside and outside of school. We ensure that pupils are made aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable and they each have an adult mentor who they can turn to if they need advice or support. Staff are fully trained in safeguarding issues annually. The Headteacher has completed Designated person Safeguarding training and all staff are aware of this and of the procedures which should be followed if they have concerns about a child. We have a new E-safety policy, which has been shared with all staff and parents and carers have access to this. We also encourage all children and parents/carers to sign our e-safety agreement, which has details of how to keep safe online and the actions which should be taken if children or parents, feel unsafe. Children from Reception to Year 6 are taught about internet safety and at the beginning of each academic year, dedicated e-safety sessions are delivered to the children in our Computing Suite. We also run e-safety session for parents and carers. We have strict measure in place to ensure our school is a safe and happy place for all of our children. We take all types of bullying very seriously and when bullying incidents do occur, which is rare, they are dealt with quickly and effectively. We have an anti-bullying log which is kept by our well-being co-ordinator. HEALTH AND SAFETY

At Broadwood Primary School, we need to allow children, staff and visitors to move freely around the building, but we also need to ensure everybody’s safety, as far as it is possible.

Current security arrangements are as follows:

  • The main entrance door is normally locked - there is a bell on the left hand side. An electronic system is in place, controlled by the school’s office;
  • There are two panic buttons in school which are known to all staff.  Pressing the button will bring large numbers of police within several minutes;
  • All side entrances have push bars. People inside school can easily get out, but those outside cannot get in. These are only open at the beginning and end of the day and a few minutes at playtimes. It is important for everyone’s safety, therefore, that children are in school on time so the doors can be shut. Late comers will have problems getting in;
  • All people working in school have identity badges;
  • Visitors must sign the Visitors’ Book in the office and are given an identity badge;
  • Children should tell their teacher if an adult is not wearing a badge;
  • Children do not play outside without a member of staff being on duty;
  • There is a telephone in every classroom so that staff can make the school office and senior management aware of any issues.    

We hope this explains our security arrangements clearly.
Remember - it is for everyone’s safety and peace of mind we have had to take these measures.
You are still very welcome to come into school.  We like to see you.


In case of a fire or a drill near the beginning or end of the school day, would parents please follow this procedure.

  1. The alarm will sound - a continuous distinctive repetitive toned bell.
  2. Parents should immediately leave the building through one of the nearest exits.
  3. The staff and children follow a strict fire drill.  

General Rules

To enter  the Key Stage 1 area, please use the gateway steps and path in front of the centre front doors.

Stick to paths and avoid walking on the ornamental lawns at the front of the school.

Sadly, fatal accidents have occurred in Newcastle in school car parks. Please do not cross the car park, always use the centre pathway. Car park gates should be closed between 8.30am and 9.15am and 2.45pm to 3.15pm for the safety of children coming into and leaving school. Please remind Infant children to take care when going to the Junior yard with parents to collect others as they will cross the vehicle entrance to the main car park and they must stay on the paths at all times and not cross the car parking area.

In the morning

The school day starts at 8.55 a.m. The bell is rung at the front of the building and the Nursery and Reception Children enter the back entrance beside the Early Years Unit.   Parents may like to come in with them providing that congestion in the corridor is avoided.  Nursery parents stand on the footpath in front of the nursery building, and the teacher will ring the bell at 8.55am.                       

At 8.55 a.m. the Year 1 and 2 children proceed to the playground and line up with their class once the bell has been rung.  The teachers will then lead their children to the entrance of the school.

At 8.55 a.m. the bell will ring in the key stage 2 yard and children stand in their class line.  Children are then lead by the class teacher into school.                         

Bad Weather

When it is raining or snowing the staff will open the doors at 8.45am and invite people in early. People waiting in corridors and the cloakroom are expected to wait in an orderly fashion, keeping their children under close supervision. Junior children will be supervised in the cloakroom area until the bell goes.                                            

In the Afternoon

The bell at the end of afternoon school rings at 3.00pm in Key Stage 1 and 3.10pm. in Key Stage 2. Nursery rings the bell at 3.00pm and parents collect the children from within the nursery building. The Reception Classes will be dismissed by the teachers at the Early Years door, Parents are asked to wait outside the building at 3.00pm to avoid crowding the corridor.

Year 1 and 2 will exit via the side or the centre front doors. These children and their parents should use the pathway, which runs alongside the centre of the grounds. Please keep the entrance clear so that the children can exit safely and don’t have to squeeze past a crowd of adults.

Key Stage 1 School Hall

Please remember parents may not use the hall as a short cut. This makes the floor dirty for Physical Education lessons and Assemblies.

Parents are requested not to bring dogs onto the school premises. There is a local regulation notice stating this on the Key Stage 2 field at the beginning of Broadwood Road. It is also requested that cycles are not brought onto the premises when the school is in session.                                                         

From September 2002 the school and Governors have adopted a no jewellery policy.                   


There is a no smoking policy in place that includes buildings and grounds. Please do not extinguish cigarettes on the ground around the school.

For safety and security reasons it is essential that staff can see everyone leaving the premises.