Year 5 Homework – Block 3 Spring 2019 – Earth and Beyond!

Children will be given homework each week linked to our topic and science lessons. This may be in the form of research, photographs or a creative homework.  Our next topic is all about Earth and Beyond. Reading, spellings and timetables – remember they can log into Times Tables Rockstars at home, will continue to be an important part of our homework.



Hand in date

Task 1


Write 3 different acrostic poems spelling out the names of planets. E.g.

Stars scattered through the sky,
As I look they twinkle and shine,

Tuesday 29th January

Task 2

Tuesday 5th February is Chinese New Year

Find out about the celebrations happening in Newcastle this year.

Design a poster or information sheet about them.

Tuesday 5th February 

Task 3

Look up a famous astronaut (e.g. Tim Peake, Helen Sharman, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin) and record some facts about them.

Why are they famous? Why did they go to space? Did they do a spacewalk?  When did they go to space? Did they do anything for the first time?

Tuesday 12th February


Task 4

The Sun – Reading Comprehension

Tuesday 26th February (after half term)

Task 5

Imagine you are going on a space mission. What 10 things will you pack to bring with you? Remember – there’s not a lot of room on a spacecraft!

Give reasons for each of your 10 items.

Tuesday 5th March

Task 6

Tuesday 12th February is Shrove Tuesday – ‘Pancake Day’

Find a recipe for pancakes. Write it out making sure you write it as a good set of instructions – you could illustrate it.

Perhaps have a go at making them!

Tuesday 12th March

Task 7

Earth and space A-Z. Write the alphabet in the margin of your book (one letter per line) and find a word associated with Earth or space to go with each letter.  

Tuesday 19th March

Task 8

The Moon – Reading Comprehension

Tuesday 26th March

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