Curriculum Drivers

The design of our curriculum is currently being developed so that it inspires, excites and meets the needs of children at Broadwood Primary School.

The curriculum design is creative and embeds 'real-life' learning opportunities; providing a context for children's learning which is based around a project. Our initial project is how our whole school can impact positively on the community. The children will be exhibiting and sharing their work at the end of term with a key audience; we appreciate how important it is for children to have a purpose for their learning. 

At Broadwood, we place a huge emphasis on 'Reading' as we recognise it is the foundation stone of knowledge. Teachers carefully choose texts to link with projects, so that learning is enhanced across the curriculum. Our aim is that our children receive and retain information across all curriculum areas whilst developing effective language and communication skills.

Through our curriculum design, we strive for children to become independent and resilient learners, who feel inspired by their learning and aspire to do something great with their lives. 


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